Mane-ly Long Hair Polisher Protector De-Tangler

Mane-ly Long Hair Polisher Protector De-Tangler

Rating – 4/5

Price: £19.00 – £79.00 depending on size (29/12/20)

Product: Mane-ly De-tangler

Super shiney results
Lasts ages
Easy to use bottle (no scary spray)

Pricey – but worth it

Another product I’d heard about and had to try. I wasn’t sure it could be as good as people were saying and it’s quite pricey. Thankfully they sell a set of miniature bottles so I decided to try these first (I also had a discount voucher from buying the broom which tempted me to give it a go).

It arrived and I excitedly brought my hairy young cob in from the field. His golden locks knotted, dull and in need of some attention.

It only took a small amount of this magic potion to make him glow again. He was left so silky smooth, even barbie would have been proud. It would have taken alot of my normal mane and tail spray to get him looking even reasonable but with the polisher it took a tiny amount, I was extremely pleased with the results.

I’m pleased to say that once applied the results last ages. My boys mane and tail brushed through easily for the next week before I re applied. I later treated myself to a bigger bottle and now just apply weekly.

I’ve also used this to de tangle brushable manes on my daughters toy horses and it works a treat. It’s now a must have item in my grooming kit.
It do think it works out more economical than my usual spray as I was applying that every time I groomed and a lot of it. If you buy it I really don’t think you’d be disappointed.

Store – Herbies Yard Supplies

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