Spurs ?

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I came a across a story the other day that raised some very interesting issues regarding British Dressage rules and spurs. Once you reach advance level and higher you MUST…

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Working on Straight Lines

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BE Accredited trainer, Tracy Garside, works with Laura Birley, riding Bandit (Bob Cotton Bandit), on straight line exercises, as he comes back into work after his end-of-season break. Watch their…

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Bohemia Horse Transport

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Rating: 5/5 I've used Bohemia three times now and each time the service was impeccable. The lorry is extremely clean, prices were reasonable and Bohemia were on time, every time.…

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Lynn Robertson Horses

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Rating: 5/5 Looking for my forever friend in the post-COVID mayhem that was the horse market, I was drawing a blank and getting despondent that I wouldn't find anything suitable…

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