Lynn Robertson Horses

Lynn Robertson Horses

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Looking for my forever friend in the post-COVID mayhem that was the horse market, I was drawing a blank and getting despondent that I wouldn’t find anything suitable within a reasonable budget. I tried over eight horses, with only one of those being suitable (and it failed the vet). One, I drove over two hours to try to find it had lost a shoe the night before. Another, I drove four hours to try and, bearing in mind I was looking for a genuine, unspooky horse with an honest jump, it stopped three times at a straightforward upright with the seller.

I came across an advert for Lynn Robertson horses and liked the look of one of her horses for sale. I was hugely delighted when I saw I could take the horse on trial for a week and, provided I returned it uninjured and in the same condition it arrived in, I could have a full refund.

The first horse was exactly as Lynn described it, but he still was too much horse for me. I exchanged him for a different horse, a lovely little mare. She again, was exactly as described but when I tried her she was a bit too green for me. I sent her back and Lynn, with no quibble, gave me an immediate and full refund that day, allowing me to continue to look elsewhere at the same time as waiting for Lynn to have something suitable for me.

It has been an absolute breath of fresh air to work with a reputable dealer like Lynn, who’s concern is absolutely set on matching the right horse/pony to the right rider.

Highly recommended.