Product and Service Reviews

  • Bohemia Horse Transport
    Rating: 5/5 I’ve used Bohemia three times now and each time the service was impeccable. The lorry is extremely clean, prices were reasonable and Bohemia were on time, every time. Great service […]
  • Lynn Robertson Horses
    Rating: 5/5 Looking for my forever friend in the post-COVID mayhem that was the horse market, I was drawing a blank and getting despondent that I wouldn’t find anything suitable within a […]
  • detangler reviewMane-ly Long Hair Polisher Protector De-Tangler
    Rating – 4/5 Price: £19.00 – £79.00 depending on size (29/12/20) Product: Mane-ly De-tangler Pros: Super shiney results Lasts ages Easy to use bottle (no scary spray) Cons: Pricey – but […]
  • Yard broom reviewNew Quickie 24″ Super Bulldozer Broom – Ultra Light Stable & Yard Broom
    Rating – 5/5 Price: 37.50 plus postage (29/12/20) Pros: Light weight Works amazingly well Well made Long lasting Cons: I can find any WOW – I never thought I would enjoy sweeping the yard […]