Spurs ?

Spurs ?

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I came a across a story the other day that raised some very interesting issues regarding British Dressage rules and spurs.

Once you reach advance level and higher you MUST wear spurs or face elimination.

Not just a couple of points lost for incorrect tack actual elimination, from a test at a level it’s pretty hard to get to.

This is exactly what happened to the lady in the post. She rode a lovely test without the need for spurs and was eliminated from the competition, she is now hoping BD will consider a change in the rules.

A lot of people will agree the less gadgets the better and that BD shouldn’t be encouraging more and more gadgets to ride at the higher levels. There are also similar discussions re the compulsory use of double bridles at the higher levels.

Others seem to think that rules are rules and that no one if forced to ride BD if they don’t wish to adhere to those rules.

Very few people seem to be calling for a ban on spurs in competition, after all these are experienced riders at this level and the mis use of any spurs and the rider will be dealt with.

Most would just prefer the option to use/not used as per riders personal preference.

Under BD rules a rider can chose to use dummy spurs but if this is the case why eliminate for not wearing any at all?

If a rider can achieve this level without them perhaps they should be encouraged not eliminated?

It is my understanding that BD are due to review these rules.

Are the rules outdated and is a change required?